“Down on the Farm”

Whenever I get down I think about how lucky I am to have animals to entertain me….there is never a dull moments around here.  I hope you enjoy and get a laugh!

The Twins



BettyBoop and her bucket!

These are a couple fun times….I still laugh!



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Food Storage Project

We have always purchased food in bulk, usually from Sam’s club. We had 3 growing kids to feed and like many folks, not a ton of money to spend at the grocery store.  It has been a long term thought process of mine to have large amounts of “back-up” foods.  Now we are a large extended family and it has become one of my most important goals for this year….good Lord, we have 4 adults and 4 growing kids to feed now!

We are living on quite a bit less money due to my job loss in December of 2009 and quite a decline in the need for my hubby’s trade of rehabing.  My dear mother passed away this year and bless her heart has left her 6 children an estate with some money…she was so frugal and was a common sense woman, never purchased anything that she absolutely didn’t need.  I find it only fitting to start our “food bank” with some of my inheritance money…she would be proud of that decision.  Later this month we will be visiting Sam’s Club and putting an order in with Emergency Essentials for some pails of wheat berries, popcorn, and a few other items.  I will post pictures after our shopping sprees so everyone can view our cache.

We will be using wood storage units that the hubby and son will build and I also have some metal and wood shelves given to us by a friend who was moving out of state and didn’t want to pack them to go to the new place.

My ideal set-up!!

This is what I'm talking about!!!




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Granny’s Dream!

I grew up in a very small town in upstate New York and have always yearned to have a small farm, go figure, I didn’t grow up on a farm but this thought of having a place in the country stayed ever-present in my mind.  Hubby grew up in the city and loved everything about “city” conveniences…he was a hard sell, but I finally managed to convert him…and, by the way, he loves it.

We found this place and purchased on a land contract.  We have almost 6 acres and with the property came a house, attached 2-car garage, and a 26 x 54 foot cement barn.  The house was scheduled for demolition, however the owner re-considered and the house was mandated to be left standing and sold with the land.  Luckily my Hubby and son are re-moderlers and will be able to do all that is necessary to make our little farm into all that it can and will be….our work is cut out for us.  We have been here for a little over 2 years.

We have made mistakes, and many things have happened since we moved here, but my family is happy here.  I invite you to come along on our journey, it is a laugh-a-minute!!  I will fill you all in on the past happenings and bring you current on our “little” adventure.  We will laugh more than cry, but expect both.  Look forward to having you as friends and welcome any and all comments.


Please meet Henry & Henrietta!!

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